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Wyoming landscape photography through the lens of Wyo West Photo captures the breathtaking beauty of Wyoming's diverse natural scenery, from the stunning rocks of Vedauwoo Recreation Area to the dramatic canyons of Yellowstone National Park. Beyond Wyoming, Wyo West Photo offers photographs of a large array of subjects, including landscapes, abstracts, and wildlife from destinations throughout the American West, making Wyo West Photo a must-visit destination for anyone looking for unique and artistic photography.

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Thanks for your interest in Wyo West Photo! My name is Richard Perry. I have been interested in photography since I received my first Kodak 110 Instamatic camera as a child, Later, I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. Much of my work comes from the many miles of hiking that I have done in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and the Rocky Mountains. My subject matter includes fine art landscapes, abstracts, closeups, waterfalls, wildlife, birds, black and whites, and others that are shot in a unique, artistic fashion. I believe that photography is in the eye of the photographer and not in fancy, expensive equipment or software. My extensive photographic art gallery places high-quality outdoor and nature photography. My images are different than those elsewhere as they are from the eye of the photographer. This means that none of my images were edited to add elements that were never originally there. I believe that the best photo is one that is original with the least amount of post-processing possible. Therefore, when you browse my extensive gallery, you can be sure that my stunning abstract pictures, brilliant black and white photographs, colorful flower images, and the rest of my photographs are the best quality and were never edited to add artificial elements. What then is photograhic art? Photographic art is an artistic composition taken directly from a camera. It could be digital or film, but it is what sets professional photographers apart from everyone else. I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Richard Perry Photographer

The film is my canvas
The camera is my brush
With my shutter speed I show
The wind blowing through the grasses
The waves crashing on the shore
With my aperature I emphasize my subject
The mother moose and her calf
The mountains clothed in fields of wildflowers
The sunset reflecting off granite monoliths
The couple on their wedding day
With my craft I freeze time.

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What is the secret behind the pictures?


By: Richard Perry
Formatt-Hitech Filters

With so many great unphotoshopped pictures at Wyo West Photo, you may be wondering what the secret is. The secret to many of my high quality images are the filters that I use. One of the best filter brands that I use and highly recommend is Formatt-Hitech. Why is this? While there are many filter brands out there, they are either extremely expensive, easy to scratch, or leave color casts. Formatt-Hitech's filters are priced reasonably and do not leave color casts with any of their filters, including their inexpensive resin filters. The best part is that most of their filters are glass. While glass filters can shatter if not properly cared for, they are not easy to scratch and do not bend, unlike resin filters. Formatt-Hitech's filters help me to get the shot right in my camera without the need for lengthy and time consuming post-processing. Formatt-Hitech's Firecrest Ultra filters feature a special coating that provides great neutral density using rare earth metals. These filters are available from www.formatt-hitech.com. I will earn commission from sales using this affiliate link.

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